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As we work to create light for others, we naturally light the way !
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Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.
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There is no greater pillar of stability than a strong, confident and empowered woman.
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Skill development is important because it ends unemployment .
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About Us

We are a Section 8 Non Profit Organization working towards upliftment, creating awareness and providing sustainable help to women and children.

Our multifaceted initiatives are designed to uplift women and strengthen the holistic development of children. Through ToTs, workshops and skill training programs, we equip women with essential tools and knowledge, enabling them to be self-reliant and contribute to their families and communities.

Our seminars and awareness sessions address critical issues, promoting gender equality and child protection. Through donation drives, we provide essential resources for marginalized women and children, ensuring their well-being.

Our psycho-social counseling services offer emotional support, strengthening both women and children in their journey towards a brighter, empowered future.



Our targeted initiatives foster gender equality, create opportunities and empower women to reach their full potential.


Nurturing a brighter future for the next generation through initiatives and donations that make a significant impact on children's education, health and overall well being.


Enabling the rural and semi urban women to lead self reliant lives, unravel their potential with the transformative impact of education and training.


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Our Services

Awareness Sessions

Awareness sessions are crucial in fostering knowledge, understanding, and engagement among individuals or groups on various topics. These sessions play a pivotal role in promoting safety, empathy, inclusivity, and growth, leading to informed decision-making and a more mindful and empowered living.

Training of Trainers

The training of trainers is essential for building a skilled and competent workforce capable of disseminating knowledge effectively. By equipping trainees with subject expertise, they can impart high-quality training to others, creating a ripple effect that enhances overall learning outcomes and development.

Workshops & Seminars

Awareness workshops are dynamic platforms for exchanging insights, and disseminating information on specific subjects. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, these events promote collaborative learning, empower participants with practical knowledge, and inspire positive change in individuals and communities.

Skill Based Training

Skill-based training is instrumental in equipping individuals with tangible proficiencies. These programs bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing employability and enabling participants to thrive in real-world scenarios by cultivating hands-on skills and expertise.

Donation Drives

Donation drives play a vital role in addressing pressing needs within communities. By mobilizing resources and encouraging collective generosity, these initiatives create a positive impact by providing essential support to vulnerable individuals, promoting social responsibility, and building a sense of unity among donors and beneficiaries.

Psychosocial Counseling

Psychosocial counseling offers individuals a safe space to address emotional, mental, and interpersonal challenges. Through empathetic guidance and effective coping strategies, it helps improve mental well-being, enhances resilience, and builds healthier relationships, ultimately leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.



Kaam4U Foundation received recognition at the STREE 2023 summit organized by HCSC for its work in the Women’s Forum. HCSC’s Dost Program, an initiative of the Women’s Forum, involved providing Training of Trainers on Gender Equality and Child Safety to school teachers from 42 Schools in the North and West Zone. The execution of the training programs was carried out by Kaam4U Foundation. During the STREE 2023 summit, certificates were awarded to the school teachers who participated in both the training sessions and successfully sensitized the children in their schools. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Geetha Goti ma’am, the Joint Secretary of HCSC Women’s Forum, for granting us this opportunity. We feel honored by this recognition, which further reinforces our commitment to undertake more initiatives of this nature.
We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our committed volunteers, Sumathi Pandiyan, Jyothirmai Jhandyam, Nisa Fatima, Dr. Jhansi Rani, Neeraja Bhogaram, and Ananya M, whose invaluable contributions were instrumental in flawlessly executing both the Training of Trainers .

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    Sumathi R Pandian


    Sumathi R Pandian, a proficient front-end web designer based in Bangalore, India, showcases a remarkable blend of qualifications and experience. Her journey into web design commenced after earning her engineering degree at Anna University, followed by a stint as a Software Engineer in Bangalore. Driven by an unwavering passion for computers and design, she made a pivotal career shift that has defined her path.

    To further her skills and knowledge, Sumathi enrolled in a digital marketing course, a decision instrumental in honing her web design expertise. She initially worked with website building platforms like Wix and WordPress but was determined to gain a deeper understanding of web development. Consequently, she pursued a comprehensive Web Designing course, mastering HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and JavaScript.

    Today, Sumathi is known for her ability to construct SEO-friendly and responsive websites that cater to the unique requirements of her clients. Her expertise extends to various domains, including blog websites, business websites, e-commerce websites, and Facebook page creation with a focus on lead generation.

    Furthermore, Sumathi's commitment extends beyond her professional work, as she has dedicated her time and skills to Kaam4U Foundation for the past three years. In her volunteer role, she has been instrumental in designing the foundation's website, creating eye-catching posters for events, researching and preparing presentations for awareness sessions, and actively participating in numerous other activities. As an ardent donor for the foundation's initiatives, Sumathi's contributions have been both invaluable and unwavering.

    Given her accomplishments, it is with great pride that we announce Sumathi's transition from being an enthusiastic volunteer and earnest donor to spearheading the digital marketing division of Kaam4U Foundation. With her wealth of expertise, we are confident that she will lead the foundation into new heights in the digital space, where her remarkable skills in web design and digital marketing will undoubtedly make a significant impact. Sumathi's appointment as Digital Marketing Head underscores an exciting and promising digital future for Kaam4U Foundation under her expert leadership.

    Kiranmai Varigonda


    Kiranmai Varigonda — is a senior manager in a corporate company and mother of two kids.

    She has started the journey of volunteering from 2010 and has worked as a volunteer in Youth for Seva NGO. She has actively participated in many initiatives like School kit drive, training students for NMMS, Navodaya exams, Chiguru competitions . During her stay at Infosys she had the opportunity to meet Mrs Sudha Murthy whose Philanthropic activities inspired and motivated her to work on different CSR activities . She is an Diversity and Inclusivity advocate and is actively involved in D&I initaitives in her company.

    She is also a certified Margadarshak and works with the Telangana Police to help women in distress. She received the Best Margadarshak award in 2020 for resolving the maximum number of cases in a year. She is a Counselling Psychology intern and an external member for the POSH committee of Rite Software.

    As a Executive director of Kaam4Foundation she is responsible for —

    Planning and preparing the program brief.
    Securing resources and experts who are needed for completing the program.
    Coordinating and fostering teamwork.
    Developing comprehensive progress reports on all active programs.
    Maintaining and delivering all paperwork related to the programs.

    Syed Rafat Hussain


    A businessperson, entrepreneur and an ardent chess lover, Syed Rafat Hussain is an honest, kind, and empathetic person. A feminist to the core, he strongly believes in social justice, equality and his generosity is unconditional.

    A quiet, solid support, an incredible friend and a true gift for the people in his life, his USP is in inspiring others to do their best.

    He is the happiest when he is teaching children.

    Amina Niloufer Hussain


    She strongly believes that feminism is all about equality of genders and not a superiority of women. Her mission is to deconstruct gender stereotypes and allow people to live free and empowered lives. Child development is another facet which sets the foundation for lifelong learning, good behavior and excellent health.

    The first step to women empowerment and child development is raising awareness.

    It is a powerful tool to educate people about new topics and encourages them to participate in bringing and driving social change.